1 August 2017 | Hutspot Tips

Hutspot Tips | August

Each month, we share our favorite places to go, things to eat, things to see and experiences you must enjoy. We will also share with you awesome and innovating new companies, artists and entrepreneurs to keep an eye on. These are our five tips for August.

Tips for August

Complex Simplicity
Photographer Jonathan Knowles collaborated with artist Kyle Bean and art director Lauren Catten to create a beautiful series of compositions that remind us of our daily rituals. Except, these visuals make simple routines seem a lot more… unnecessarily complicated?

Inspired by cartoonist Rube Goldberg, the creators bring a certain humor and lightheartedness into tiring household choirs. The colorful art direction and clever choice of objects and materials result in a humorous and fun photography series. What choir would you re-create?

Check out the full series here.

Tips for August

Susanne Sundfør – Music For People In Trouble
Susanne Sunfør has been in the game for a long time. The Norwegian singer has produced six (!) albums since her debut in 2007, exploring subjects such as love and hurt and dipping them into her signature sound of dark and artistic folk.

On new single ‘Undercover’, Susanne’s haunting and powerful voice is just as recognizable. However, her sound feels more mature and gives an almost classical twist to her already impressive repertoire. Sit back and enjoy!

Music For People In Trouble by Susanne Sundfør will be released on the 25th of August.

Tips for August

WAS in Utrecht
There is a new club in town! In the first weekend of September, pop-up club WAS will open its doors in the ‘Werkspoorcathedraal’ in Utrecht. The former machine factory is located behind the ‘Julianapark’ and will focus on a more qualitative and selective line-up.

The opening night in September promises to be legendary, combining more esthablished acts such as Hunee with local talents like Luke Cohlen. WAS will start with a running time of four months and is unsure of its next destination. Either way, we are sure that their time in the ‘Werkspoorcathedraal’ will prove to be legendary!

Follow WAS here.

Tips for August

Baker’s Dough Rotterdam
The first cookie dough bar in The Netherlands is a fact! Baker’s Dough Rotterdam lets you choose your own pre-made cookie dough and motivates everyone to spice it up with all kinds of sweets. The dough is completely made from ingredients that you can eat raw, so no need to be worried about eating raw eggs. Hope your sweet tooth is ready!

Visit Baker’s Dough Rotterdam at Pannekoekstraat 82A in Rotterdam

Tips for August

Open garden by Piet Oudolf
Piet Oudolf is a renowned Dutch garden designer who currently resides with his wife Anja in Hummelo, The Netherlands. Here, he mainly focusses on studying perennials (a plant that lives for more than two years), observing their development throughout different seasons.

Piet Oudolfs very own garden is open for everyone to visit from July 27th till October 28th. Expect a collection of many unique and wild plants, gathered from all over Europe and uncommon to find in any ordinary garden. Say hi to the birds!

Visit the open garden by Piet Oudolf at Broekstraat 17 in Hummelo.

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