7 June 2017 | Hutspot Tips

Hutspot Tips | June

Each month, we share our favorite places to go, things to eat, things to see and experiences you must enjoy. We will also share with you awesome and innovating new companies, artists and entrepreneurs to keep an eye on. These are our five things to do in June.

Things To Do In June

Truth Is a Beautiful Thing by London Grammar
British dream pop trio London Grammar will release their second studio album Truth Is a Beautiful Thing on the 9th of June. Among the tracklist are singles ‘Rooting for You’ and ‘Big Picture’, which continue the line of emotional songs that feel both reflective and empowering. Get ready to be swept off your feet by its ethereal sound!

Things To Do In June

Ombré Chair by Germans Ermics
This stellar piece of furniture is a tribute to Shiro Kuramata’s Glass Chair, one of 20th century’s most influential furniture pieces. Created by Amsterdam-based designer German Ermics, the design focusses on glass and its breadth in chromatic expression. Invisibly assembled together, the colored glass panes create an illusion of a floating sitting piece.

The color is put into the glass by using an innovative process of pigmentation, allowing the material to show unique color gradients. The collection also features a pair of curved glass screens.


Things To Do In June

Foam Fusion Festival
Foam Fusion Festival is a 3-day event organized by Foam in honor of its 15th anniversary. On the weekend of the 9th to the 11th of June, the Foam Fotografiemuseum on Keizersgracht in Amsterdam dedicates itself to researching, presenting and experimenting with photographers, artists and speakers from all across the world.

Expect exhibitions and workshops of various unique themes in collaboration with 40 artists and cultural institutions. If you’re one with a knack for arts, the Foam Fusion Festival is surely not to be missed! Learn more here.

Things To Do In June

Situated in the East of Rotterdam, Round&Round is a cute and comfortable place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Round&Round implements East Asian influences in its cakes, bringing a new taste to Rotterdam.

The cake selection includes cake rolls with matcha, red bean, mandarin, bamboo charcoal, and more accessible flavors like chocolate and baileys. If you are allergic to gluten or would like to design your own cake, Round&Round got you covered.

Things To Do In June

Twin Peaks
Packed with uncanny humor, distinctive cinematography and horror, this crime drama has brought a fresh breath of air to the ‘90s TV scene, influenced many filmmakers, and gained a cult following along the way. Its popularity has led show makers into releasing a 3rd season, 27 years after the show debuted in 1990.

In the small town of Twin Peaks, the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer has left the whole town bewildered. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper arrives in town to solve the mystery, but little does he know of the secrets that he is to unravel along the way. Sounds good right?

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