21 June 2016 | Doing the Laundry

Tim and Daan from Streetlab | Doing the Laundry


It’s time for another laundry session! You’ll know these guys from Streetlab; a TV show full of social experiments so awkward they make your skin crawl, but so funny you’ll be laughing with tears. They have taken the Dutch TV by storm, have just finished their third season and were nominated for the Televizierring. You can imagine we were very excited to meet Tim Senders and Daan Boom of Streetlab, two of the great minds behind the show.


Where did it all start for Streetlab and how did it evolve into a big TV hit?
D: It all started when I was in high school. I saved up enough money to buy a camera and we began to make television shows for our school. We would do experiments such as “Can you cut class with a bunch of first graders?” We went on making these types of videos for about ten years and then we joined the production company CCCP. There Streetlab evolved into a concept.

T: Because we have known each other for so long, our friendship plays a big part in the show. As a viewer you are kind of like the fifth friend of the group. We make up social experiments from our own fascinations, for example: “Can Stijn make his dream of becoming a professional soccer player come true?” or “As a kid you often got your way if you would start crying. Would this still work as an adult?”

How do you come up with all of these assignments? What do you have as a source of inspiration?
D: The ideas come to us during different moments. Sometimes it happens in an organized brainstorm session and sometimes when we’re just hanging in a bar. A big source of inspiration is daily situations that cause for awkwardness.

T: These situations are often recognizable to anyone. Every guy has wondered what the best way is to hit on a girl. Well, we have too and so we make an item out of it. We can really enjoy those awkward moments when someone is vulnerable.


You have just finished Streetlab’s third season. What was for each of you your favorite item this season?
D: It was our dream to make a movie with big, famous actors, but of course we didn’t have the money to spend on it. So, we went off to catch famous actors in the wild! Without them knowing, all of a sudden they would end up in a scene with one of us. This was absolutely my favorite item of last season.

T: We grew up with the Backstreetboys and the Spice Girls, so we decided we wanted to start our own boyband. Last season we took part in a German talent show Das Supertalent, where we completely bombed. This season we wanted to see if we could gain popularity if we would announce our separation as a boyband. We recorded a farewell song together with Renee Froger and soon enough it spread over the internet like wildfire.

How does all the public attention interfere with the ability to make your show?
D: It’s getting harder and harder to make our show, because we are being recognized very often lately. We can still manage, but it just takes a little longer to finish. We have decided next season to record outside of Holland.

T: We will still be doing the same types of experiments, but this time it will transform into a travel show.

Streetlab Streetlab

Have you ever said no to a certain assignment? What would go to far for you?
D: I don’t recall ever declining a certain idea. When we are trying to think of new experiments all kinds of concepts will be on the table, but there is only a small portion we use. An idea goes too far for me when it becomes unpleasant or nasty.

T: We often decide who does what experiment by picking the person who is dreading it the most. And because that person is feeling the most awkward the situation becomes truly painful. But after filming we always explain to people what happened, because we want it to be funny for everyone involved. We want to make sure that we are the ones who are made fun of, not the people we interact with.

Daan, what would you like to give Tim credit for? Tim what would you like to give Daan credit for?
D: Tim has the eye of a director. He sees where a funny situation could unfold and knows how to make it happen. He is a strong conceptual thinker too.

T: Daan often can tell what will really work on TV. He knows how to make a situation thrilling for the viewers or when something is genuinely funny or not. Besides this he is a good editor. His feeling for timing makes it very hilarious.



Where could we find you when you’re not working on the show, for example on an average Sunday?
D: On the soccer field. My friend and I play in a team together. That being said, I’m pretty bad at playing soccer, so most of my time is spent on the bench. Besides that I go to the movies pretty often.

T: Next to filming with my friends, I like making music and I spin records at parties regularly. My typical Sunday is a lot less active though; I usually do absolutely nothing but eat, work out or watch movies.

If you could pick anyone to work with, who would this be and what would this collaboration look like?
D: I would really like to work with Ricky Gervais. I admire him greatly for his creative mind and oeuvre. I even got to meet him once. I would love to make a series with him.

T: If it would be possible to meet Charlie Chaplin, I think that would be so cool. As a kid I got a DVD box of his as a birthday present and I became fascinated by his short slapstick films. Chaplin acted, directed and composed his own movies. I am very curious about how it would be if Charlie Chaplin were able to make a movie these days and what that would look like.

What Hutspot pieces are you wearing and why did you pick these outfits?
D: I like finding the perfect balance between casual and proper. This is why I chose the sandy suit with the striped T-shirt underneath.

T: I love eye-catchers, basics with something different. That’s why I am really into the prints on these swimming trunks, they’re so cool.




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