15 August 2017 | Hutspot Interviews

Kim Erich | Hutspot Interviews

Meet Amsterdam based photographer Kim Erich, who has a big heart for travel and the rawness of landscape. Currently on a road trip through Portugal, we exchanged some e-mails (we know… physical letters would have suited her work better) regarding her latest work ‘Along the Mediterranean‘. Curious? Her work is now on display at Hutspot Van Woustraat.

Kim Erich

Hi Kim. How has your road trip been thus far?
Hi! It has been such a nice adventure! We drove all the way past Lisbon and travelled our way back up along the coast.

Did you manage to photograph inspiring places?
I find Portugal very inspiring. There is a lot of wild nature and the city landscape is so different from ours. I also really enjoy the laundry of locals hanging out to dry. The washings and colors are amazing. Oh, and we found some empty beaches!

When did you start photographing?
Probably around the time I was going to school. I always carried a disposable camera and took many pictures of my friends and documented the places I visited. When I was 19, I took over the old analogue camera’s of my grandfather and father. Through this, I started to learn more about photography. I also learned from the people around me and shot a lot of material between 2010 and 2016.

Hutspot Kim Erich

Could you tell us something about ‘Along the Mediterranean?’.
All pictures were taken along the Côte d’Azur. I have visited this beautiful place many times and have always felt attracted to its history. Like everywhere, places develop and get modernized. The Mediterranean coast is no exception. Washed out colors are slowly replaced by white, but the romantic and mysterious places can still be found when looking very closely.

Why did you choose to shoot analog?
Analog, for me, feels like the base of photography. It feels simplified and more natural to capture real moments. It is only until development when I find out if a photo turned out well. Furthermore, I also prefer the colors and depth of field.

What are the challenges when shooting analog?
Taking photo’s always happens naturally. However, the selection process afterwards requires conscious decision making. Such a contrast!

Hutspot Kim Erich

What photo are you most proud of?
All the photo’s in ‘Along the Mediterranean’ are very dear to me. I still remember the exact moment I clicked. Eden, La Paloma, Plage Pampelonne; I would not be able to choose just one.

How would you describe your photography style?
Spontaneous, romantic and feeling a sense of freedom.

Hutspot Kim Erich

What is next?
I want to keep documenting what I see around me and meet new people along the way.
Telling their stories has always been the most interesting part of my work. I recently followed three girls in Amsterdam together with journalist Sylvia Blazer for ID Magazine. These projects are very interesting.

Favorite holiday destination?
Ah, choosing one destination is so difficult. I love the wild and unpolished coast of Europe and having very little people around you. I also love Sayulita and Tallows Beach. And of course, the Mediterranean will be forever!

Along the Mediterranean‘ by Kim Erich is now on display at Hutspot Van Woustraat.