21 December 2016 | Sleepover at ...

Sleepover at EYE

After a very successful edition of “Sleepover at” at Foam, we decided to end this year with another edition, this time at EYE. And last thursday, Jill Vink and her grandmother Roelien were the lucky ones to spend the night at this unique location. Together with our partners muun, Zo Goed Als Oud and HAY we decorated the room and turned it into a beautiful suite. Also W Hotel Amsterdam supplied them with towels, bathrobes and a lot more to make the night complete. Jill’s letter stood out because we thought it was special that she wanted to take her grandmother with her, who she’s really close with. Their motto is “One can always dream”, so it was such a pleasure that we were able to make a dream become reality.

Upon the arrival of Jill and Roelien, we welcomed them to EYE with a nice tour in and around the building. They had dinner in the EYE restaurant, afterwards enjoyed the movie Neruda and of course had a lovely night of sleep (we even heard that they haven’t slept that well in months). Below you find some images of how the room was decorated! Also would love to win a night in such a unique location? Make sure to keep an eye out, because in the new year we will turn more spaces into beautiful suites for a night.

IMG_3183 hutspotxeye1 unnamed-2


hutspotxeye10 hutspotxeye4 hutspotxeye9 IMG_3206

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the brands that we sell at Hutspot.
Vase and pillows by Fest Amsterdam

Book by MENDO
Cups by Bone Amsterdam
Plant by Pikaplant
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