23 March 2016 | News

Spending the night with Sophie van der Perre @ The Hoxton

By now, most of you know our Doing the Laundry series. To introduce the new SS16 collections at our stores and honor creative talent, Hutspot and The Hoxton have teamed up together. We have asked five inspiring creative people who we photographed in clothing from Hutspot in the most beautiful rooms at The Hoxton. We talked to them about their work, lives, dreams and their inspirations.

For the first series we are excited to present you to the talented photographer, Sophie van der Perre. Usually she’s the one behind the camera, but today she’s posing for us! You may know Sophie from her dreamy, personal, pure photographs. Her artwork is featured in multiple expositions, but she also shoots for fashion spreads and different agencies.

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How does it feel to be in front of the camera today? Are you comfortable?
It’s a bit strange, I have the tendency to want to get involved the whole time with what’s happening behind the camera, but it helps that Sarah is the one taking my pictures. She is one of my best friends and muses.

We can see you are inspired by all kinds of friends and muses with strong personalities and unique features. Do you consider yourself to be the same type of person?
I guess I’m a real people’s person. I get along quite well with all different kinds of characters. I wouldn’t call myself a strong personality though, but more like a freedom girl. I love life and try to enjoy it everyday, by taking adventures and risks, and falling and getting up again.

Your pictures give us the feeling as if we are peeking into very intimate moments in someone’s life. How do you create these moments and how do you make the model feel so comfortable, even if you don’t know her?
I do everything on a feeling, an emotion. I try to get the best out of a person by getting to know them and trying to find their weak spots and strong points. And also by just being myself and asking for their input so we can create an image together.

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What is it that can make such a moment or a person authentic to you? When does it turn into ‘simulation?’
For me it’s a feeling, like falling in love. If I meet a person who is inspiring and authentic for me, it’s like having butterflies, and a desire to capture that person and getting to know them.

You’re dressed in outfits from Hutspot. Can you tell us what you are wearing and how these outfits fit your style?
I’m a big fan of Won Hundred and I personally think it’s one of the best brands Hutspot has. I love their sweaters, like the light mint green one I’m wearing. Their pants are also great, for this shoot I choose their baggy white jeans. Usually baggy is not really my style but I thought this one suited me well. Besides that the jeans are very comfortable. I also love the WOOD WOOD sweater, I took it home with me.

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What do you think of this room in The Hoxton?
I just love it. I was told it used to be home to the mayor of Amsterdam in the 17th century. This gives the space an interesting and historical vibe. Also, the bathroom is amazing.

If you could photograph any person you can think of, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I would love to photograph all the characters from the movie Virgin Suicides. I love Sofia Coppela’s style and she casts so well. Actually, also her movie Lost in Translation. And I love actress and model Amber Valletta, especially in her younger years.

We’ve heard you are also working on your first book. Tell us about it!
Well, it all started with photographing my three muses: Sarah, Milo and Bamboo. I have photographed them together every year for six years and exhibited that work. Over the past years I have met more muses and now I would love to combine all those moments in a book about our moments of being young wild and free.

Where can we find more of you online?
Instagram > www.instagram.com/sophievanderperre
Website > www.sophievanderperre.com

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Sophie is wearing:

Photo 1.
Wood Wood sweater | €139,- | available at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht
Photo 2.
Won Hundred basic long sleeve | €75,- | Puebco hair cloth | €7,50 | available at all our stores
Photo 3.
Won Hundred body suit | €75,- | and denim jacket | €235,- | available at all our stores
Photo 4.
Hammam34 throw | €139,95 | available at all our stores
Photo 5.
Won Hundred sweater | €145,- | available at all our stores
Photo 5|8|9
Won Hundred baggy white jeans | €135,- | available at all our stores
Photo 7.
Selected Femme striped sweater | €49,95 | available at all our stores
Photo 11. Komono Stella Sunglasses | €49,95 | available at all our stores

Photography: Hutspot

MUAH by: Nina Engelberts