3 May 2016 | Spending the Night

Sigrid ten Napel | Spending the Night @ the Hoxton

In the past weeks we have been making new photo series in collaboration with the beautiful Hoxton Hotel. Together we have teamed up to honor creative talent in Amsterdam, and boy, there is so much! We’ve asked 5 guests to spend the night with us at The Hoxton which is located on the Herengracht. First up was the talented photographer Sophie van der Perre, for our second night we invited Yousef aka Sef and his beautiful girlfriend Roxanne. Dressed in outfits from Hutspot we talk to them about their work, their lives, dreams and inspirations.

For our latest night we invited the ever so beautiful Sigrid ten Napel, who is known for her amazing acting performances in multiple big productions such as Prins, Summer, Overspel and Penoza. Her fresh, classic appearance makes her stand out, and she is a powerhouse!

Sigrid ten Napel

It’s safe to say that you’ve shown us what a talent you are over the past years. What are you most proud of?
Umh, ‘talent’, haha thank you. There are two parts that I am particularly proud of; the girl I played in the feature film Summer and my role in ‘Vast‘, mostly because they both involved a lot of my own ideas that eventually established the core of those characters. Also there are two films that aren’t out yet and which I haven’t even seen yet, for those I am keeping my fingers crossed. I’m hoping there will be a moment at which I could say that I am genuinely content with how those turned out. And then very generally speaking; I think the fact that I am not willing, ever, to give this up (the acting and the dream), despite of all the setbacks and refusals that come with it, is worth being proud of.

What can we find you doing when you’re not acting?
That differs from time to time. There are moments when I will be hanging out with friends outside of the house; going to museums, traveling abroad (mostly for festivals, which are partially work related). But I think most of the time I withdraw myself from social activities and spend time at my place, where I live with my best friend and therefore need very little other entertainment.

Sigrid ten Napel Sigrid ten Napel Sigrid ten Napel

You are dressed in outfits from Hutspot. Can you tell us what you are wearing and how it fits your style?
All the items are perfectly able to represent themselves and need very little accessories to enforce them. I would say that fits my style; I am not scared of patterns or outspoken prints, but only if the shape and form of the clothing itself is very simple.

What do you think of the room in the Hoxton?
I loved the spacious feeling of the room, although we are still talking Amsterdam proportions. And if that very impractical but gorgeous bathtub (placed in the middle of the room) were mine I think I would not only bathe in it but also eat, sleep and read. I would also have a difficult time to resist the temptation of climbing those wooden beams connecting one side of the room to the other end.

What movie or scene has inspired you most as an actress?
Oeh, I wouldn’t know. I watch so many films and absorb them, but to an extent that I can also cut myself free of them so that I don’t find myself trying to copy the other actress’s performance. I do remember watching ‘Mariken’ as a young girl and that I found myself thinking I want to do what she does, not entirely aware of the fact that she was ‘acting in a film’, but more that I wanted to live her life. I have always felt drawn towards worlds different from everyday reality.

Sigrid ten Napel

Sigrid ten Napel

Sigrid ten Napel

Sigrid ten Napel

Sigrid ten Napel

How do you prepare yourself for a certain role? Do you have specific rituals?
Every part benefits from proper and profound background investigations. Even when not clear from the script itself I always try to lay out a character’s past, which subsequently explains the motives for acting the way they do. Besides that, every individual scene asks for it’s own approach, from having a great laugh with fellow actors to total focus and seclusion.

We’ve seen you do some pretty heavy scenes that ask for some serious gut! How far would you go for a big part? Would you for example gain 40 pounds if it gave you a big role in an international movie?
If the project is worth it, let’s say a fantastic director, an even greater script,  marvelous cast members etcetera, you can ask me anything and I’d do it. That is also the trap of this job, when it becomes the most important thing in the world, hopefully always in line after friends and family, it can drive you to go beyond your own boundaries.

If you could work together with anybody in the whole world, dead or alive, who would it be? How would you imagine this production?
Uhmmmmm… LEONARDO DICAPRIO! And how I would picture that production is him being young and handsome again, and us falling in love while playing the craziest scenes the film industry has ever seen. Then we would live happily ever after with him never growing old an fat again. THE END.

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Sigrid ten Napel

Sigrid ten Napel is wearing:

Photo 1.
Moe Oslo top | €190,- | and Moe Oslo shorts | €190,- | available at Hutspot Rozengracht
Mintou socks | €8,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Photo 3.
Samsoe Moffa shirt | €79,- | available at Hutspot Rozengracht and Hutspot Utrecht
Photo 4.
Won Hundred jeans | €135,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Photo 5.
Stieglitz lace flare pants | €89,- | available in white and blue at Hutspot van Woustraat and Rozengracht
Photo 6. & 10.
Stieglitz Nadya blouse | €129,- | and Nadya flare | €149,- | available at Hutspot van Woustraat and Rozengracht
Photo 7.
Won Hundred Salome shirt | €135,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Photo 8.
Stieglitz Viola Bomber jacket | €149,- | and Stieglitz Nadya flare | €149,- |  available at Hutspot van Woustraat and Hutspot Rozengracht

Photography: Hutspot
MUAH by: Nina Engelberts

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