12 April 2016 | News

Spending the Night with Sef and Rox @ The Hoxton

To introduce the new SS16 collections at our stores and honor creative talent, Hutspot and The Hoxton have teamed up together. We have photographed five inspiring creative people in clothing from Hutspot in the most beautiful rooms at The Hoxton.

This time we had a double date with the lovely couple Yousef Gnaoui & Roxanne Dekker. Yousef (Sef) is known for his music hits, such as ‘De Leven’ and ‘Toch Houdt Ze Van Mij.’ His recent album ‘In Kleur’ is one we recommend for sure, but there is definitely still more to come. Roxanne is a talented visual artist and owner of The Kidspiration Club. And not only that, she is also a DJ belonging to the group The Pony Peaches.

These two are a longtime match as they have been in love for nine years now. We talked with them about their work, lives, dreams, inspirations and relationship.

We understood this is one of the first photo shoots you have done together, how did you like it?  
R: It’s really great doing a photo shoot together for the first time in nine years. It felt very natural and cozy, especially the bed scene. What I liked most is looking at Yousef when our picture was being taken.

Y: It wasn’t uncomfortable at all, I had a great time!

What are the up and downsides of being in a relationship where both of you are chasing a successful creative career? Are you always able to give each other full support?
R: In the beginning I had to get used to Yousef’s late bookings during the weekdays. I’m a real morning person, so I can feel sad about not having breakfast together. I did figure out though, that I’m actually a lot more focused on my own work when Yousef is out of town. So it’s pretty convenient for my work-mode.

Y: I think the fact that we both have creative jobs helps us understand each other’s lives a little better. When Rox is working on a certain project that takes a lot of time and energy, I can relate to how she feels, because I know what it is like to be in that situation. It works the other way around too.


Roxanne, in Yousef’s song ‘Toch Houdt Ze Van Mij’ he sings about how you still love him, despite certain faults. If it was you singing this song, what would you be saying?
I would like to thank him for being so patient. I can be a real thunderstorm of emotions sometimes.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
R: I love reading books, there is always one in my bag. I also like to listen to music and the sounds of birds, making long walks in the city, dance-dance-dance, eat-eat-eat, and hanging out with my friends.

Y: I love cooking and being busy with food. Besides that, I like to watch movies and just hang out. I’m very good at relaxing.

You are both dressed in outfits from Hutspot. Can you tell us what you are wearing and how it fits your style?
R: I immediately fell for the colorful sweaters by Jutka & Riska. I just love bright colors and prints and the crispy white sneakers make me feel fresh. I was proud to be wearing something from Stieglitz, because Pien (the founder) is a friend of mine.

Y: I actually chose some female items that stood out to me because of the colors. I also like color a lot and sometimes brands for men can be a bit bland. So it was good to be able to mix it all up a bit.

What is your favorite spot in the Hoxton Hotel?
R: I love the glass windows in the roof above the dining room and playrooms, because I prefer seeing daylight while I’m inside of a building

Y: I like the mezzanine. It’s a really good spot to drink and just forget about time. It also has sofas and I love sofas, chairs are too difficult to hang out in.


Rox, your work is often shaped by your intuition. How are you able to turn your mind off and just let the colors flow?
I paint without thinking too much. Especially when I work on my collection “My Favourites,” where I paint music. Intuitive painting or drawing is something I have been doing since I was a kid. When I feel inspired, I will just grab a pen or pencil or color on my brush that suits that moment. It is something you can train and I can teach you that!

When I paint music it is even easier, the music makes me see colors and I just paint them. Whenever I have an assignment, I tend to get more insecure and overthink my work because I want people to like it.

What piece of art has influenced you most as an artist?
Yayoi Kusama’s museum in Tokyo. The way she feels and creates with no boundaries in her art, it made me weep a little. There is also a painting of a Spanish Woman (Hermen Anglada Camarasa – Granadina -1914) in Museu Nacional d’art de Catalunya in Barcelona, that always makes my heart skip a beat. Sometimes I am so impressed by an artist that I can just start crying.

You run a company called The Kidspiration club. There you organize weekly art classes for children from the age 4-12. The goal is to introduce them to the great world of art. What is it about children and art that gives you a passion?
When we started the company in 2014, my former partner Suzanne Monkel and I shared the opinion that kids are the most inspiring human beings on earth. The things they say, the things they create, are so pure, funny, intuitive and smart! The way they see the world is just beautiful. We wanted to inspire them with art and let them explore who they are by experimenting with different materials. After two years I still think the same about kids, their energy is liberating (most of the time).


Y: You have a very smart mind and a strong political opinion. Do you ever struggle with the prejudices people have about rappers?
Sometimes people don’t take my intelligence very serious. I don’t really pay much attention to them though, it says way more about them than it does about me. I try not to be close-minded like that and luckily most people are pretty cool.

Y: You’ve said you’ll never stop making music. What is it about creating music that gives you so much power and joy?
The process of making music is always a challenge. Sometimes it can be very difficult, but when something comes together it’s the most satisfying feeling in the world. And in some way it’s a never ending story, there’s always something new to try and new things to discover.

If you could both choose to work with any body in the whole world, dead or alive, who would it be?
R: I would like to paint a street full of dots with polka dot queen Yayoi Kusama. I would also like to go back in time and paint all songs playing at Woodstock.

Y: I would ask my favorite visual artist Jeff Koons to direct a music video with me. A production with a great mind like him would surely be a dream come true.

What projects are coming up for you? Where can we expect to see you soon and where can we find more of you online?
R: I give art workshops at The Hoxton, so keep an eye out on the FB events! With my art I am looking for places that organize auctions for refugees so I can donate my art. You can visit me at my new atelier in Cinetol.
Online: www.roxfavourites.tumblr.c

om / www.thekidspirationclub.nl

Y: I’m currently working on a new album. People can find me on twitter and instagram. Also my sure to keep an eye out on my agenda via topbillin.nl.


Sef & Rox are wearing:

Photo 1.
Won Hundred suit | €162,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Selected Femme denim jacket | €89,95 | available at all Hutspot stores
Won Hundred pantalon | €175,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Selected Femme sneakers | 89,95 | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 2.
Jutka & Riska yellow sweater | €38,- | available at Hutspot Rozengracht
Selected Femme pantalon | €69,95 | available at all Hutspot stores
Manitou socks | €8,00 | available at all Hutspot stores
Stieglitz mint colbert | €245,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Revolution white botton down | €59,95 | available at all Hutspot stores
Ontour Nozem trouser | €85,00 | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 3.
Revolution white botton down | €59,95 | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 4.
Selected Homme t-shirt | €24,95 | available at all Hutspot stores
Ontour Nozem trouser | €85,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Hammam34 yellow throw | 139,95 | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 5.
Jutka & Riska turquoise sweater | €38,- | available at Hutspot Rozengracht
Won Hundred cotton shirt | €135,- | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 7.
Jutka & Riska red sweater| €52,- | available at Hutspot Rozengracht

Photo 8.
Stieglitz red colbert | €245,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Revolution white botton down | €59,95 | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 9.
Native North silk shirt | €135,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Ontour Nozem trouser | €85,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Selected Femme line print shirt | 89,65 | available at all Hutspot stores
Selected Femme line print pant | 89,95 | available at all Hutspot stores


Photography: Hutspot

MUAH by: Nina Engelberts