22 March 2017 | Hutspot Music

Hutspot Music x Tim Hoeben

In Hutspot Music, we ask talented creatives to put together a music playlist containing their all-time favorite songs. For our March edition, we joined Amsterdam-based label manager and DJ Tim Hoeben to talk about music, industry and most importantly: parties! Get to know Tim a little better by reading our interview and listen to his Spotify playlist.

Hutspot Music Tim Hoeben

Hi Tim, what do you do in your daily life?
During the week I work for Apenkooi Events. We work on all sorts of festival and club concepts including DGTL, STRAF_WERK, Pleinvrees, Buiten Westen and many more. I am in charge of all the artist handling, so I will arrange transport, accommodation and what they need on stage.

Next to this, I also run our newly found label: DGTL Records. I work with a team of talented people and get to select new music releases. I make sure that all tracks are in at the right time and send them onwards to be pressed on vinyl and to be released digitally.

Last, but certainly not least, I deejay every once in a while. It evolved from being a hobby to a job, but now I think we’re back at hobby again (haha!).

How important is music to you?
I would say very important, considering it being a big part of my work and what I do in the weekends! But I’ll be honest, it’s also nice to focus on something completely different once in a while.

What makes you decide to play a particular record during one of your sets?
I always try to make a selection of tracks and records when preparing for a gig. I usually think about what would fit the general atmosphere or vibe at a party. However, I mostly decide what I’ll play on the spot. Listening to what the room or crowd would like to (or sometimes needs to) hear at that moment is really important. I do sometimes just play what I feel like hearing!

We asked you to put together a playlist for us. What was the first song that came to mind and why?
I have been listening to the new Tornado Wallace album for a while now. The first track on the album taps well into the atmosphere of spring in Amsterdam, so I thought it was fitting to start the playlist with that.

Is it difficult to combine your office job with your DJ gigs?
Very much, yes. I think I can safely say that working as an event manager didn’t really do much good for my DJ career. However, it has brought me lots of other good things, so I’m not sad about it. If you really want to make it as a DJ you have to make an effort and it is hard to find the time when you’re working four days a week. I always try to put in as much time as I can though. There will always be new chances and opportunities.

What was the last piece of music you bought?
A re-release of a record by Michael Boothman on Invisible City Editions, called Touch. One of many great records being reissued or rereleased at the moment. I also bought part one of an amazing compilation album by Young Marco, full with Italian dream house records. Really, really cool!

Music is often about memories. Can you pick one song from the playlist and tell a memory about it?
One of my favorite deejays played my favorite track by Voilaaa twice during a night in one of my favourite clubs.

Best love song of all time?
Thinking of You, by Sister Sledge.

What are you working on right now? And where can we find your work?
Most of my time I put into DGTL Records. The first DGTL Records release is by KiNK on April 7th, so that’s really exciting for me. After that we have three more in 2017 and I’m really proud to be releasing these as well.

As for deejaying, I did a really fun set with my friend David Cornelissen a few weeks back. It is on my Soundcloud if you want to have a listen!

What inspires you?
Seeing people that are doing what they love and doing it really well!