15 February 2017 | Hutspot Music

Hutspot Music x Roos van Rij

For our second Hutspot Music we’ve asked Amsterdam based creative director and photographer Roos van Rij to put together her favorite songs! Roos is mostly known for her work at the successful brand The lovers and Drifters Club, but is also a busy bee working on other exciting projects as a freelance photographer. Get to know this creative volcano better in the interview below and most importantly by listening to her playlist which you can find at the end of this post.




How important is music to you? 
Music is almost as important to me as my passion for photography. I listen to music all day long. I love dreaming and fantasizing and what better way to do this than with music. Also, my mother is an extremely musical woman. She studied at the Conversatorium, and raised me with music all day. She would play the piano every night, while we would lay in our beds listening to her singing and playing. She taught me a lot about music. From jazz, to classical musical, to hiphop/r&b, soul and dance.

We asked you to put together a playlist for us, what was the first song that came into mind and why?
The first song that popped in my mind was ONRA – LOVE TIP (feat. Mc Melodee). Because it translates my mood at this point!

How do you combine music and photography?
I combine music a lot with photography. For example if I need to create a new concept for The Lovers & Drifters Club, I put on tunes that give me certain emotions. I like to create content with music.

Music is often about memories. Can you name one song and tell a memory about it?
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s one of the songs my mom used to put on when I was little. I really grew up with the music of Queen, and I still think it’s legendary!

Most beautiful piece of music of all time?
Mozart – Lacrimosa.

What are you working on right now? And where can we find your work?
I’m always working! Currently we are brainstorming and planning our next trip to New York, and Los Angeles for the brand The Lovers & Drifters Club. SS17 is coming and it’s going to be amazing. Also, I have an art-project coming up for Lois Jeans, and first exhibition 23 feb – SAVE THE DATE!

What inspires you?
EVERYTHING <3 LIFE inspires me!