10 October 2016 | Hutspot Interviews

A day in the life of Store manager Erik

Let us introduce you to Erik, who is the store manager at Hutspot Utrecht. The store managers are a vital part of Hutspot, without them the stores wouldn’t be running as they do. We trust them completely and it’s always fantastic to see how they manage everything. In this short interview Erik will tell you about his job at Hutspot. If his job seems interesting to you we have good news, because we are still looking for a store manager for our new store which will open in Rotterdam this November. Take a look at the vacancy here.

What made you apply for the job?
After 7 years of being a representative for several brands, I realized that I’m the happiest when I’m working in a store. Before I started at Hutspot, I worked at Quadrat Menswear, a small shop with Scandinavian men’s fashion. When I heard that Hutspot would open a new store in Utrecht, I immediately thought that this would be the most perfect job for me.

What is the most fun part of being a store manager?
For me, the most fun part is definitely that me and my team are able to represent some very exciting brands, showcased in one of Utrechts finest buildings. Next to that, it’s great to meet inspiring and creative people every day. It’s also very rewarding for me when we are able to help all the people that visit the store and have them leave with what they were looking for. But it’s not only the things in the store that excite me. We regularly organize events at the store, which makes my job very diverse. So you can easily say that a lot of things that fascinate me all come together at Hutspot.

What do you like most about the team that you’ve created at the store?
What I like about our team in Utrecht is that everybody shares the same passion for fashion and interior design, but everyone has different interests as well. They are all very creative and so different at the same time. We are very close to each other and for me it feels like a second family, which I’m very proud of.

What’s the first thing that excites you when you wake up?
I am always (consciously or not) thinking about how to present the store better to our customers, or things that we could do better. Often this is the first thing I think about when I wake up. When I get these new ideas, I can’t wait to make these changes in the store. I love that I am able to play around with the interior and styling of the store.

Could you describe what a day at Hutspot Utrecht looks like?
Each day at Hutspot is completely different, and that’s what makes my job so much fun. Of course our focus is mainly on informing and advising our customers. After the busy weekends we do inventories and re-orders to make sure we have everything in stock again. When all our products are back in stock, we make sure that the store looks clean and style everything again. Interior styling is a big part of the job, and every time it feels like a puzzle to present everything as best as possible again. Besides being present at the store, I often have meetings with suppliers, new brands, and other possible parties to work with.

If you could give one tip for the future store manager in Rotterdam, what would it be?
The advice I would like to give is to make sure that there is a good atmosphere in the store. If your staff doesn’t get along well, you’ll notice that immediately.

Interested? Take a closer look at the job description here, and send an email to rsvp@hutspot.com.