29 April 2017 | Hutspot Interviews

Hutspot Interviews | KOEP. by Ken hair in Utrecht

We have recently opened a new hair salon in Hutspot Utrecht. We sat down with Ken, the owner of KOEP. by Ken, to talk about Hutspot, his craft and what he likes about Utrecht.

Hi Ken! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started working as a hair dresser?
Yes, of course! I became a hair dresser and stylist almost 12 years ago. I started when I was eighteen and have been working in a lot of different hair salons. However, working at Kinki Kappers in Utrecht is where I had most fun and stayed the longest (six years!). I learned so much about craftsmanship at Kinki and I believe that this is where I became a true professional. I had a great time!

KOEP. by Ken Hutspot Utrecht

Do you have a favorite haircut to do?
What I love doing most is hair coloring. I get very excited when people ask me to dye their hair in a different color. If someone explains to me that she wants to go from blonde to brown (or the other way around), I do like to give honest and qualitative advice. Besides hair coloring, I also love to cut a classic bob.

How would you describe your own clothing style?
I would say that my style changes a lot, but I can describe it as a combination between classic and street plus a bit of what is trending. And of course, it must be no surprise that my hair changes quite often too!


Hutspot Utrecht Kapper


Can the haircut you choose say something about your character? And do you see a specific hair trend among the Hutspot customers?
It is funny that you ask this, because there are a lot of theories that propose the idea of someone’s haircut saying a lot about someone’s character. Personally, I am a bit skeptical towards those theories. I do think that a haircut can say something about someone’s style. I started in March, so I am not completely sure about what specific hair trend is popular amongst Hutspot customers. However, everyone that visits the store is really open-minded, so I guess there is a lot to discover!

KOEP. by Ken Hutspot Utrecht

What do you like about working at the Hutspot Utrecht store?
First of all, I am in love with the building. It has such an historic character and is of course located in the beautiful city centre of Utrecht. Another thing that I like is that there are always people around me. Whether it is people that work in the store, or the customers shopping at Hutspot. The vibe is really nice and that makes working here even more fun!

What’s your favorite hangout in Utrecht?
My favorite place to go after a day of hard work is Spaghetteria on the Wittenvrouwensingel. Some pasta with a nice glass of wine or beer is the best!

More information? Click to visit the location page of KOEP. by Ken.