11 April 2017 | Hutspot Interviews

Hutspot Interviews | HENK x Hutspot in Eindhoven

Hutspot collaborated with fashion label HENK to create a playful collection of woman’s wear two-pieces. The collaboration is the first of two collaborations that celebrate the launch of Hutspot Eindhoven and will be available on the 20th of April. We sat down with Jasmijn Muskens, founder of HENK, to discuss nostalgia, sustainability and family inspirations.

Hi Jasmijn. How are you doing?
Really good! I am currently working on my graduation project in our school atelier. I love working here, because students from all different disciplines come together in this room. Students really love to collaborate at the KABK and it is inspiring to see what everyone is working on.

The shooting day for HENK x Hutspot was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?
The photoshoot felt so spontaneous and relaxed. The environment was beautiful and we really had a lot of luck with the weather. And we saw horses!

The horses were a big surprise!
One of the highlights, honestly!

Hutspot Interviews | HENK x Hutspot in Eindhoven

What does HENK stand for?
Henk is the name of my grandfather. He is extremely crafty and loves to create practical objects. I think my love for design has been unconsciously influenced by him and my family. I like the name Henk, because it is such a nostalgic Dutch name. I use only vintage fabrics in my designs for HENK and I feel that both the name Henk and my designs are very simplistic. So I believe HENK is a fitting name!

Could you tell us a bit more about the process of finding vintage materials? What elements are you looking at?
People used to be a lot more economical when it comes to fashion. It was not uncommon to take out a zipper, some buttons or other embellishments and to re-use the fabric. I have a lot of family that is very enthusiastic about what I do. They often present their old fabrics to me. If I like something, I take it and think about ways to re-use them for my designs. And of course, I like to hunt at second-hand stores for leftover fabrics, but I will keep those exact spots my own little secret!

Would you call HENK x Hutspot a vintage fashion line?
Everything that goes into HENK is 100% vintage. I also notice that HENK is very attractive to vintage lovers, because of its sustainable appeal. However, I do take the fabrics and turn them into something that is completely new, so I would never call HENK just vintage. I do not mind the connotation though.

Hutspot Interviews | HENK x Hutspot in Eindhoven

You already mentioned HENK’s sustainable appeal. Could you tell us a bit more about that?
As I said before, all of the fabrics I use are 100% vintage. This way, I promote a mentality that is against creating unnecessary waste. All the pieces are manufactured in the Netherlands, so there is no pollution from transport. I also try to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to making creative decisions. The silhouette is straight and oversized and I do not use any special details that would make the garment more trend focussed. I would hate to make a product that would only last one season.

You use a lot of fabrics that are from the eighties or nineties. Where does this fascination come from?
I feel that there is a nostalgic longing for earlier times. I guess people became this nostalgic because we receive so many impulses from the media today. This longing for a more simplistic life is something that I try to refer to with, for example, vintage prints.

Do you have a favorite vintage purchase?
I buy a lot of vintage, so it is difficult to choose just one favorite! I really like to browse on Marktplaats and look for vintage pieces. I once found this white jumpsuit with a red graphical grid that I still wear. The print actually reminds me of the red graphical grid that I used in one of the designs for HENK x Hutspot.

What is your favorite print from the HENK x Hutspot line?
Yellow is my favorite color, so you can guess which one is my favorite!

Hutspot Interviews | HENK x Hutspot in Eindhoven

You currently study furniture design at the KABK. Does your study inspire you to look differently at fashion?
There is actually quite some overlap. In my studies, I use a lot of textile and experiment with color, material and shape. I do the same when I design for HENK. However, the study furniture design has high pressure deadlines and can be stressful at times. On the contrary, designing for HENK makes me relaxed. It is a very personal process. Sometimes, I find myself designing for HENK in the middle of the night. It is a way to clear my mind and let new ideas come to life.

What is next for HENK?
A lot of my male friends really want me to design a men’s line. I also want to extend my existing product-line and experiment with different patterns.

If HENK would be a person, what kind of person would HENK be?
I put a lot of myself into HENK. I see the designs as playful, positive and straightforward. What you see is what you get. I sometimes like to refer to them as playsuits for adults. Actually, I think I am HENK!

HENK x Hutspot is available from the 20th of April in Hutspot Eindhoven.
Model: Maartje Koppies from The Coven Models