2 November 2016 | Hutspot Campaign

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Meet Annabel Smit, an 18-year-old blogger and model from the Netherlands passionate about photography, traveling, fashion, branding and writing. She has a successful Instagram page (@modellbusiness) where she wants to inspire others to broaden their interests. We shot her at a tennis court at IJburg, which is designed by the great Rotterdam based architects MVRDV. It was lovely playing some ball with Annabel and to hear about her plans. Take a look at the photos we shot and the things we talked about that day.

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You’re an aspiring model. Is this the first time you’re doing a photoshoot?
This is actually one of the first more professional photo-shoots I’ve done. For the past year, I’ve been working on creating a strong portfolio with my modeling agent. The pictures featured in my portfolio are therefore mostly from shoots I’ve done with my agent. I’ve just graduated high school, so hopefully I can fill my portfolio with many more results from professional photo-shoots soon!

We heard that you’re planning on traveling. What places would you like to visit?
Yes, I’m definitely planning on traveling! I’m currently taking a gap year and I am going to use this year off to see more of the world. I would love to travel to anywhere in South-East Asia, to Cape Town, Marrakech, Australia and to experience the South American culture.




Models travel a lot for work too. Is that part of the reason why you’re pursuing a career in modeling?
Yes, definitely. I hope that one day I’ll be able to travel for my work. My favorite fashion destinations are Paris and London. Modeling career wise, I would really love to go to the high fashion capitals such as London, Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo.

What do you think of the location for today’s shoot? Besides today’s weather of course…
Haha, yeah the weather wasn’t ideal but I really loved the location. Personally I’ve never played tennis as a sport but I do think that the tennis court is a great backdrop for fashion pictures. The red colour of the tennis court just matches with every outfit perfectly.

If you could work with any person you can think of, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I really wish to work with fashion photography legend Peter Lindbergh. This is because he really portraits women as he sees them, nothing more and nothing less. Most of his pictures are in black and white, but still they manage to capture your attention instantly. They tell a story, or they make it possible for you to create your own version of the story behind each picture.



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You’re dressed in outfits from Hutspot. Can you tell us what you are wearing and how these outfits fit your style?
I’m wearing various brands, such as Won Hundred, Jutka&Riska and Selected. My personal favorite were the denim overalls, so cute! These outfits fit my style perfectly because they’re simple and clean but also have a little something quirky going on.

Could you tell us the worst trend that you’ve ever tried?
I’ve actually only started following trends since 2014 I think… Before that year I just wore what I liked and where I felt comfortable in, I actually still do. Therefore I can’t really tell you the worst one but I can however tell you the best one. Which is the dress over a (white) T-shirt trend. I absolutely love this trend. And the choker trend obviously.



We saw you have quite some Instagram followers, how did you manage to get so many?
I’ve started my Instagram blog Modellbusiness approximately 3 years ago. As embarrassing as it is, it started off as a Cara Delevingne fan account. After a while, I started posting more fashion, lifestyle, inspirational and travel pictures. Eventually for the past year I’ve been posting more and more personal pictures: pictures of me or images taken by me.

So it all started as a fan page! How are you planning to grow from now on?
I guess the followers came and are still coming naturally as I am growing in my account and personal style as well. I’m very picky and critical when it comes down to what I’ll be posting on my Instagram and I think that this and staying true to your own style builds a loyal following for your blog or Instagram.


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What’s the first thing that’s on your bucket list.
Buying a WTC-ticket (World Ticket Center) with no less than 10 stops.
This gives me a really good reason to visit the Cook Islands and Fiji.
Where do you see yourself in one year?
In one year I see myself studying and living in Amsterdam with hopefully a modeling career on the side. Currently I’m interested in studying Informatics, Multimedia & Management (IMM), and doing a more creative course aside, such as a photography course. I would also love to continue with my blog Modellbusiness. There’re many things that I want to do and achieve, for now the future is still quite unsure but for some reason I’m totally okay with that.


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What projects are coming up for you? Where can we expect to see you soon and where can we find more of you online?
I have some very important and exciting castings coming up and hopefully you’ll see me walking the streets of one of the fashion capitals soon! You can find her portfolio online at Annabel’s mother agency’s website: www.thecovenmodels.com

Instagram @modellbusiness
Youtube Annabel Smit
Blog www.modellbusiness.nl



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