20 May

Nutorious Organic Peanut Butter Tasting

organic peanut butter

Nutorious is changing the peanut butter game for good! Motivated to raise the bar on quality, variation and imagination, Nutorious organic peanut butter is available in three distinctive flavors. These flavors stretch further than just your breakfast table and delight the senses. Did you ever taste a Honey Cinnamon, White Pepper or Chili Sambal peanut butter before? They are all made out of 100% organic ingredients to achieve premium quality. No sugar added, palm oil free and all lovingly made in Amsterdam.

Nutorious is now available at Hutspot Van Woustraat in Amsterdam. To celebrate, we have invited them to organise our first ever organic peanut butter tasting (we already tried; very tasty!).

On the 20th of May, Nutorious is bringing all sorts of different ingredients to give you a unique taste of their peanut butter fantasy. See you there!