1 Apr

Illustrations at Hutspot Rotterdam by… | Mary and the Locks


We are very proud to sell a unique selection of illustrations at our Hutspot Rotterdam store, all created by different local creatives. To put them in the spotlight, we’ve asked five Rotterdam based illustrators to drop by and show you how they work. You will be able to meet the illustrators in person and ask them to make you a tailor made illustration, exactly how you like it.

Mary and the Locks, or Marianne, is not only an illustrator and designer. She also cuts & pastes, animates, sews, builds, crafts and writes. Basically: she creates. It can turn into anything from a screen-printed poster of the Rotterdam skyline, to an illustration for commercial branding, to a huge film prop sculpture. On april 1st, Marianne will draw your favorite buildings.

Interested? Check Marianne’s website and Instagram here.