22 August 2017 | News

Open Call | Dutch Design Week

We are very excited to announce that we are included in the official route of Dutch Design Week 2017! From October 21st till October 29th, we will transform Hutspot Eindhoven into an interactive and exciting playground for art and design. We are looking for participants to exhibit during this special event.

Dutch Design Week Hutspot

As Hutspot serves as a springboard for start up brands, designers and artists, we would like to take this opportunity to include new and inspiring initiatives from both starting and more esthablished designers and brands. Have you been working on a brand new, super cool project that you would really like to present during Dutch Design Week? Whether it’s a commercial product or a more conceptual art installation, don’t hesitate to pitch your idea’s here.

About the theme: PLAY
Developments in the 21st century prove that technology is being increasingly integrated into our lives, guiding the direction of where the corporate world is heading towards. As a result, more and more routine, rule-based and mechanistic tasks get automated or outsourced. So what is really going to matter in the 21st century are creative and social tasks – where you find the solutions at the peripheries of thinking. One of the great challenges will be adapting ourselves to this change. This goes for societies, companies and individuals. With our PLAY theme, Hutspot aims for events and workshops to contribute to this development, bringing back the playfulness into our lives and vitalizing our creativity. 

Our newest store in Eindhoven will be open to a variety of artists who can showcase their products divided into two different sections. A playground for grown-ups will exhibit interactive and tactile design, while a commercial section will offer items that embrace playfulness and are available to purchase.

Have you been working on a brand new, super cool project that you would like to present during Design Week?
Don’t hesitate to pitch your idea’s here.