9 November 2015 | Doing the Laundry

Pepijn Lanen and Coco Sabajo | Doing the Laundry

Last week, we had the honor to photograph Pepijn Lanen, also known as Faberyayo from the rap trio De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Together with his fiance Coco and lovely baby Blake, we spend the morning hearing all about their future plans. Read the interview to hear what this power couple is up to and which outfits they selected from our store.

Pepijn Lanen Pepijn Lanen

First of all let’s start with a proper introduction, who are you and what do you do in life?

P: My name is Pepijn Lanen aka Faberyayo. Most of my time goes into rapping on stage with the Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and writing all kinds of material.
C: I am Coco Sabajo aka Blakey the kid’s mom. In working life I’m a shop-manager and buyer for the store Centre Neuf (which is unfortunately closing after a good run that almost lasted 10 years). Also the infamous other half of dj-duo extraordinaire Coco&Loulou.

Let’s go back in time a little bit, how did you meet each other and was it love at first sight?

P: We met in the romance capital of the Benelux, the Venice of the North, Amsterdam. We caught each other’s eye and never quite could let go.
C: very correct. And little did we know, but it was indeed love at first sight.

Pepijn Lanen

Can you name one habit of each other you love and one you ‘’dislike’’?

P: I love everything about Coco. Even when she turns up ‘a little’ late for a rendez-vous she always has the sweetest of reasons and she looks so damn fine all the time why would I even complain.
C: Sometimes I dislike him for being over ambitious. He can tend to want too much at the same time, or be over-enthusiastic about certain things. If, in the end, they don’t quite play out as he imagined, he stresses and get’s mad. It’s quite sweet actually. Other than that – I love every single thing about him. I know, we’re such a bore.

Which items did you select for your outfits and why?

P: I put on some stripes just because.
C: Autumn got me feelin’ like.. turtlenecksss! Finally, the comeback in my closet. The skirt is a big plus for me, the colour as well. And a good knit is always a major addition in any closet. Winter is cominggggg!

Pepijn Lanen


Pepijn Lanen

What do you like the most about the Hutspot concept?

P: they make a nice brownie.
C: He really likes brownies. I like the speedy concept behind it all and the creativity that flows. You can feel it!

I always bring my …… Because ……

P: Wits/ you should never leave home without them
C: Baby/ you should never leave home without him

@ Pepijn, your new album has just been released. What is the title and ‘’story’’ behind it?

It is called Manon and it’s an ode to all women. We recorded it, holed up in a hotel in Brussel for a month, devoid of female contact, and so naturally, everything sort of became about females and their effect and presence in and on our lives.


Pepijn Lanen


We also picked up that you guys will be moving to New York soon. What are your plans there? And how do you feel about this new adventure?

P: No idea yet and excited af.
C: Excited, so much. Plans could be somewhat like world domination. You’ll hear from us.

If you could spend a night in a bar with a celebrity/historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be?

P: i would love to drink a bottle of Krug with Serge Gainsbourg at the sixties Cote d’Azur
C: I’d drink a coupe with miss Sarah Vaughn and listen to her aaaaall night. If only..

Favorite hang outs…

P: In bed with the lovely Coco and the amazing mr Blake
C: obviously the above. But a more accesible place for people to hang out too would be G’s Oost, the Wasserette or Nacional. Coffee’s on all 3 on fleek.

Where can people find more about you online?
P: faberyayo.tumblr.com
C: You can try, but I’m not too consistent: cocopartieslikechanel.tumblr.com