23 January 2016 | Doing the Laundry

Olivia Lonsdale | Doing the Laundry

Olivia Lonsdale

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of | Doing the Laundry | with Olivia Lonsdale right before she was heading to Lowlands Festival. Olivia has been in the picture a lot lately. Most of you probably know her from the awesome movie Prince, and as the girl that is humping a tree in the videoclip Drank & Drugs by Lil Kleine and Ronnie Flex. You can easily say this girl has been on fire lately. Media are writing about her in CAPTION letters because they are convinced she is going to be big! And we can tell you this has only been the beginning of what this girl has got to give us. Read interview below to get to know Olivia better and see which outfits she selected from our store.

Olivia Lonsdale Olivia Lonsdale

First of all let’s start with a proper introduction, who are you and what do you do in life?

My name is Olivia Lonsdale and I’m 20 years old. At the moment I’m very busy with the rehearsals of a new movie which we will start filming in September. Also I’m doing a lot of things I really like: traveling, going to music festivals and seeing a lot of my friends and family. Mostly because I believe that doing what you love makes you a happy person, and that’s exactly what I am right now.

How did you roll into the movie industry?
Everything really started falling in place through a friend of mine, Emma Westenberg. Her boy friend is Sam de Jong and she asked me to audition for his movie, Prince. So in fact I’m doing what I’m doing because of her and Sam, and I’m very thankful for that.

What was the first role you ever played and felt really proud of?
All the roles I have played felt good to play. But I am never really satisfied, so I can’t really say I’m proud of myself yet. But there is one thing I can say, that I’ve been very proud of the whole crew and cast. 

Olivia Lonsdale Olivia Lonsdale

Are you currently dating someone?
I have a lot of people around me which I love very much, so you could say I’m dating all of them.

Which items did you select for your look and why?
I have chosen these items because they are very comfy and I like the colors.

What do you like the most about the Hutspot concept?
I love the hutspot concept because they offer so many different nice and beautiful products, and you can find them all in one shop. Also it’s around the corner of my house so I can pop in any time.

I always bring my Notebook and agenda because every time I think of something or have an idea I can draw it or write it down, this also helps to keep my head clear and open for new ideas.

Olivia Lonsdale

What was so far the best festival you’ve visited this summer and what was the nicest, funniest or craziest moment you experienced at the festival?
I would definitely say Lowlands 2015. My friends and me go every year, and it just seems to get better every year. The funniest moment was when we were sitting at our tent camp on Monday morning and one of my best friends Lenny fell asleep on her chair, whilst everyone was yelling and listening music. When we turned on the song: ‘Vamos a la playa’ her hand just woke up and started moving around whilst her head was still asleep.

If you could spend a night in a bar with a celebrity/historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be?
Anyone with a good soul, a good story to tell and who can handle a lot of mojito’s.

Favorite city in the world

Where can people find more about you online?
I don’t know, maybe type in Olivia Lonsdale on Google?

Olivia Lonsdale



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