3 December 2015 | Doing the Laundry

Martijn Nekoui | Doing the Laundry

Meet Martijn Nekoui, an ambitious and successful 26 year old living in Amsterdam. Martijn is the founder and CEO of MOAM, a creative platform that gives young talent the opportunity to work with all the great names of the Dutch creative industry. The past few years MOAM had the honor to work with the Rijksmuseum, Doutzen Kroes, Viktor&Rolf, FOAM, Frans Molenaar, the Bijenkorf and of course HEMA.

Martijn Nekoui


How did you start MOAM and got where you are now?
MOAM started as my graduation project for The Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). I didn’t want to graduate with a hypothetical exposition, so I actually set up the exposition and presented it in real life. During the process I found out that creating innovating projects and organizing events is my biggest drive. I have grown a lot these past few years and now I’m organizing 4 large events every year where we offer a platform to more than 50 young creative talents. My work is actually a playground to me. 

Can you tell us more about your upcoming project?
On Tuesday december 8th, the second collection from MOAM for HEMA will be in stores across the Netherlands. This time, we designed a collection especially for the holidays; a suit, several dresses, hand made lace and warm knits. A great experience and opportunity for the young designers to see their items selling everywhere. 

Which items did you select for your outfits and why?
My personal style is most of all clean and based on nice fabrics; I have been using the term ‘Scandinavian clean’ for years now. I love beautiful fabrics and architectonic elements in my clothes; not crazy prints. Luckily, Hutspot has plenty of it; beautiful, timeless items which are classic with a modern twist. All with the finest quality.

Martijn Nekoui Martijn Nekoui


What do you like most about the Hutspot concept?
Hutspot is a young and fresh concept with a lot of diversity. When you walk in, you see all these different kinds of people; from young till old, straight, gay, man, woman. I also like the fact that Hutspot doesn’t have one specific audience, but they created their own strong identity.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I still want to do the same things I am doing now. Working and scouting young talent, organizing awesome events that no one would ever thought to succeed gives me such a kick, and is what I love to do most. Challenging myself, keep on dreaming bigger and finally carry the whole thing out is what keeps things exciting for me as well. To put MOAM’s roots into the Netherlands and to grow on an international level is definitely a goal for the upcoming years.

What was your latest WOW moment regarding art, movies, fashion or music. And what was so inspiring about it?
The film ‘The Lobster’ was fantastic, definitely a must see. In terms of books I would say Purity by Jonathan Franzen. I just finished reading it, if he wasn’t my favorite writer already he is for sure now. Oh, and Adele and Justin Bieber are non-stop on repeat at the moment, and no, I’m not ashamed of it. 

I always bring my  …… Because ……
Iphone, simply because I can’t live without it. I always need to be reachable and be able to email, text and Facebook, wherever I am. You could say I’m kind of addicted.

Martijn Nekoui


If you could spend a night in a Bar with a celebrity/historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Britney Spears, without a doubt. I saw her last month in Las Vegas and to me she just seems like a nice girl who likes to have a drink or two.

Favorite hang outs…
Basically, just home on the couch with friends. Bottles of wine on the table, a nice cooked dinner, chill, and having fun all night. Downtown I like bars as Walter’s, Bukowski, Terpentijn, Moustache, and for dinner I go to De Plantage or Citroen in the summer. 

Where can people find more about you online?
I’m not very good at online stuff myself, so you can follow @moamamsterdam on Instagram, which is basically my life.

Martijn Nekoui



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