15 September 2015 | Doing the Laundry

Kae Sutherland | Doing the Laundry

Doing the Laundry with the ever so beautiful Kae Sutherland. This 22 year old born and raised Amsterdam babe is always on the run and a real business woman. Besides working very hard she loves food, babies, the color white, her cat and changing her socks at least twice a day. She has an Instagram called Foodnerdz where she posts photos of her favorite meals at different places around Amsterdam. Get to know Kae Sutherland better and see which outfits she selected below.


Kae Sutherland

You are active on different fields and run different companies, can you tell us more about 4EVER WITH EVERYONE and A-Sociaal Media?
I always use to make bracelets for my friends just for fun. After a while I started to receive emails and phone calls if my bracelets were for sale anywhere. That’s when I decided to create a Facebook account under the name 4EVER WITH EVERYONE. From there I officially started my company and registrated at the KVK, the next step was a webshop. I remember the moment when the webshop was just launched very well, I was still in school and got such a kick when the orders kept coming in.

After that I started my second company ”A-Sociaal Media”. I’m very active on Instagram with 4ever with everyone, Foodnerdz and my personal feed. Different companies approached me to give them advice on how to handle their social media. After a few meetings, they wondered if  I could come in and help them out to achieve what they wanted. I couldn’t find the time to do this so I came up with the idea to start a company that makes social media strageties for all sorts of retailers/brands.

Can you tell us more about a next exciting upcoming project?
The new collection of my jewelry is coming out next week, which I’m very excited about! For the rest I will be busy with searching for new sales agents in Europe. It would be great if I could find three good sales agents in Europe this year, to grow my business. If you know someone?!

Kae Sutherland

Which items did you select for your outfits and why?
I’m in love with the Selected suede long blouse, I love the colour and fabric! When I was younger I always wanted to be an Indian, this blouse fits perfectly with that idea.

What do you like most about the Hutspot concept?
The creative concept, a mix of lovely products and cool events. I think everyone can find something beautiful in this store. And I love to have a coffee here, the atmosphere is always good.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I secretly hope “house, bells and bliss” . Have my own little family with two ore more kids.
But I think I’ll stay busy with work and have started a new business, no idea what.. But I have so many ideas and dreams.

Kae Sutherland

What was your latest WOW moment regarding art, movies, fashion or music. And what was so inspiring about it?
I really have no idea, I have actually nothing to do with books or movies, not because they are not good but because I just can not sit still. I always have WOW moments with city trips, love to see other cultures, old buildings and try good food.

I always bring my …… Because ……
I always bring my pocket size camera, because I have the need to photograph many things I come across. I can easily say I take 20 photos a day at least! Besides the camera I also always carry my arm full of bracelets and rings on my fingers (see photo below) which I collected during my holidays over the past years.


Kae Sutherland


If you could spend a night in a Bar with a celebrity/historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
JUSTIN BIEBER! Because secretly I am a little bit in love with him…

Favorite hang outs…
I love to go outside, have a walk, drink some coffee and of course having lunch or dinner somewhere. Not only because it is super fun but also because I really can not cook. In the summer I like to sit on the terrace in the sun, mostly at the terrace of Restaurant Girassol. Further I always like to discover new places, I put this all on foodnerdz.nl.

Where can people find more about you online?
I think you can find almost my whole life in pictures on Instagram: @kaesutherland


Kae Sutherland



Kae Sutherland is wearing:

Photo no. 1|4 Selected Femme coat | €199 | available at all our stores
Photo no. 1|4 TILTIL turtle neck | €30 | available at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht
Photo no. 2|5 Selected Femme suede shirt | €299,95 | available at all our stores