6 June 2017 | Hutspot Interviews

Hutspot Interviews | De Design Shop in Hutspot Eindhoven

Eindhoven is all about design and De Design Shop is definitely not afraid to show it. Curated by Sanne Schuurman and Tim Vanlier in the creative surroundings of Sectie-C, we are very proud to showcase De Design Shop in Hutspot Eindhoven. The shop offers works of independent designers such as Daphna Laurens, Daan Spanjers, Robin Pleun Maas and many more. In June, we will devote each Saturday to one designer from De Design Shop and what better way to start than with Sanne and Tim themselves?

De Design Shop in Hutspot Eindhoven

Hi Sanne and Tim. What have you been up to?
Tim: We are good, thanks! Sanne just came back from New York where she did an exhibition for Envisions — another ongoing project that she is curating together with Simone Post.

Sanne: It is a great city, you should definitely go and visit sometime!

How did De Design Shop came to be?
Sanne: We met each other when we were both studying at Design Academy Eindhoven. Our initial aim was to find a way to sell our own products during Dutch Design Week. However, more people got involved and we realized that there is a lot of joy in creating a platform for other designers.

There is! At Hutspot we find it very inspiring.
Tim: Exactly, and it is also important. As a designer, setting up your own studio or learning to think commercially is something that you do not necessarily learn in school. It is something you must learn by doing and some designers are better at it than others. In the end, you are in charge of everything. Designing is one thing, but you must also learn to be your own accountant, marketer and manager. I mean, those studio’s will not clean themselves!

De Design Shop in Hutspot Eindhoven

What did you learn from doing De Design Shop thus far?
Sanne: We continue to learn what works and what does not. We are forced to judge design differently and always strive for a good mix of products. Diversity is key at De Design Shop. We sell innovative clocks by Daan Spanjers, marble on walls by Angela Willemsen and graphic tea towels by RAW COLOR. De list goes on and on.

Is it difficult to say no to certain products or designers?
Sanne: Yes, it is. We initially wanted to include all designers at Sectie-C in Eindhoven. However, there is a certain unity and quality to De Design Shop that needs to be maintained. Curating certain products that work well together really strengthens all designs individually.
Sometimes, this requires us to say no, even though we would personally love to showcase the product or designer.

Do you have any favorite memories that you would like to share?
Tim: Seeing it all come together for the first time has been one of the most fun memories. We were setting up the shop for the first time in this big industrial space during Dutch Design Week in 2015. There were often times when we would say to each other: “How are we going to put all of these products together”? However, seeing the final result, including lightning and material, made us feel very proud.

De Design Shop in Hutspot Eindhoven

Next to De Design Shop, you both work independently as designers. What is the most fun part about working as a designer in Eindhoven?
Sanne: I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that Design Academy Eindhoven creates a valuable network of talented people. There is a great sense of collaboration in this city. You easily run into someone and exchange ideas. 

What is next for De Design Shop?
Our main goal is to make more people aware of De Design Shop. 
We would like to approach Dutch Design Week on a larger scale this year and let the shop travel to numerous places. This is just the beginning!

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