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Chili Sambal Peanut Butter Sandwich | Sharing Recipes With Nutorious

Who is in the mood for a new peanut butter experience? In Sharing Recipes With… we ask the creative forces behind many of our delicious food brands to create an inspiring recipe. We start of with Emiel Gerardu, founder of the all-round peanut butter brand Nutorious. An afternoon of cooking and tasting at Hutspot Van Woustraat resulted in this delicious Chili Sambal Peanut Butter Sandwich. Curious how to make it? Scroll down for the full recipe and learn more about Nutorious.

Chili Sambal Penut Butter Sandwich Chili Sambal Peanut Butter Sandwich Nutorious

How to make?
1. Wash the paksoi and cut into big pieces. Both the stem and leaf can be used. Two or three pieces are enough.
2. Put a tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of sesame oil in a pan and bake the paksoi, the mashed garlic and the sesame seeds for about 5 minutes until the leaf of the paksoi has shrunk.
3. Meanwhile, place a quarter of turkish bread in a grill until the crust is deliciously crispy. Afterwards, cut it open and provide the lower half with Nutorious Chili Sambal Peanut Butter. All the more, the better.
4. Add the paksoi, garlic and sesame seeds as a next layer and place the kimchi on top.

That’s it! Enjoy your delicious Chili Sambal Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Chili Sambal Peanut Butter Sandwich Nutorious

About Nutorious Peanut Butter:
How did you came up with this recipe?
I really wanted to combine the complex and inspiring Asian cuisine with something typically Dutch, combining sweet, sour and spicy into one recipe. The base is actually very simple: a grilled sandwich with peanut butter. However, the type of ingredients you add make a huge difference. The Nutorious Chili Sambal Peanut Butter serves as a delicious base. Add baked paksoi (which contains many vitamins and minerals), change your everyday bread of choice for a more crispy Turkish bread and voila: a real game-changer!

Peanut butter is a trendy! How come?
It is actually quite a logical consequence of how people have been looking at food over the last couple of years. Consumers are aiming to eat more healthily and conscious, but at the same time also want to be surprised. Peanut butter can be used in very diverse ways and is full of nutritional values if made organic.

How is Nutorious different from other peanut butter brands?
Nutorious has very well balanced flavors and a recognizable crunch. We tried to create flavors for three different types of peanut butter eaters; sweet, savory and spicy. Next to this, we want to appeal to people that find it interesting to experiment with how they eat peanut butter. The flavors White Pepper, Honey Cinnamon and Chili Sambal are very diverse and can be used in so many ways. Nutorious aims to motivate people to look beyond just the breakfast table!

Oh, and all ingredients are 100% organic, which is important for your own health and the environment around us. For me, this is a must.

Nutorious Peanut Butter is available at Hutspot Van Woustraat.
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