19 April 2017 | Hutspot Interviews

Hutspot Interviews | AnoukxVera x Hutspot

We teamed up with creative duo AnoukxVera to create an all new sportswear design, exclusively available from the 21st of April in all Hutspot stores. Read our interview to learn more about their graphical and humorous approach to fashion and design. Get sweaty!


Hi Anouk and Vera. Congratulations on your new design for Hutspot. It looks great!
Thank you, we are thrilled!

Would you consider yourself the sportive types?
Anouk was raised in Zeeland and was constantly surrounded by water and movement. She is still very much inspired by her sportive surroundings. Vera lives 24/7 in leggings and loves to run. So without us needing to be the biggest sports fanatics, we did know that our collaboration would involve body and movement somehow.

Tell us a bit more about AnoukxVera. When did you start collaborating?
We met each other during our studies at The Design Academy in Eindhoven. We both studied Man & Identity, a department focussed on the human body and its direct surroundings (fashion, textiles and interior design). We also experimented with visual communication and story telling, something we continued doing with AnoukxVera. We love creating an imaginary world, making weird images and story lines along the way.

Did studying at The Design Academy change the way you look at fashion?
We see clothing as objects. They become part of a bigger whole that is tied together by the atmosphere or story that we create. They are all equally important.

The back of the boob pin packaging is hilarious!
Haha! You mean the text: ‘congratulations with your third nipple?’

Yes, exactly! How important is humor in your designs and communication?
I think that humor is something that is just part of our design aesthetic. Our first collection (‘the Hairy Boob Collection’) played with elements such as body hair, boobs and sweat. These could have become quite serious topics, but we turned them into something that is lighthearted and funny. We like the tension between being serious and humorous and are therefore not afraid of becoming a bit bold.

Looking at that particular collection, I thought you guys were maybe also challenging normative feminine and masculine characteristics? Is it not about that as well?
No, not necessarily. We didn’t start designing with one gender in mind. This is why ‘the Hairy Boob Collection’ featured both a female and male model.
Our goal is never to make a gender statement, although we do wink to equality with our current Boob Pin in collaboration with Hutspot. Because everyone has nipples!


You already mentioned the atmosphere and story around your collections. Could you tell us a bit more about how this process works?
It goes very organic. We usually start with sketching the story or atmosphere, followed by abstract shapes or prints. We usually do have a crucial ah-ha moment. This is the moment when we both think: yes, this is it! For example: we designed a black and white hairy bum legging. This formed the basis for our design aesthetic.

What is the most fun part about the design process?
Creating this abstract world is a lot of fun. And designing the prints! We always love to experiment and that often results in a lot of laughter.

What makes a good creative collaboration last?
We always let each other finish and we respect each others opinion. I think that is a big part of why us working together feels so natural.

We also learned to embrace each other’s strengths. For example: Anouk is very creative with language. She is able to create the most funny and clever sentences that we can use to enrich our stories. Actually, we created some really cool sentences for our collaboration with Hutspot.

Could you tell us more about that? What is the story behind your collaboration with Hutspot?
We wanted to create a concept that was inspired by the atmosphere of Hutspot. We are attracted by the fact that Hutspot mixes clothing with other products. We feel that we share the same mentality: seeing clothing as objects.

It was a fun challenge to create a design that is a bit more timeless. We kept it AnoukxVera by adding graphical objects and shapes on the print. When creating the story around these shapes, they started representing small sentences and stories in itself. For example: the shape on the knee goes with the sentence: ‘lekker leunen op jezelf’ (in English: ‘lean on yourself, please’ with a bit of a sassy undertone).


Do you feel that regular sportswear is missing something?
Not necessarily. We see a lot of people wearing sportswear more casually nowadays. Our lives are getting more and more hectic, so we do understand this change in how people wear these kind of items. Our collections tap into this typical Millennial lifestyle development. We are not going against anything that regular sportswear brands do, but we in stead celebrate the developments in how people wear these items in daily life!

We do think sustainability is important. Normally, we always design on demand to minimize waste. With this collaboration, we have the opportunity to make ourselves visible to a wider audience and make people aware that brands like us exist. We consciously decided on a limited edition, doing it the AnoukxVera way. The garments are completely produced in the Netherlands, which reduces pollution from transport.

What has been your favorite AnoukxVera moment thus far?
The Hairy Boob Collection’ had some really nice moments. We got featured on Wetransfer and received our first international purchase from Singapore! We are not that sales orientated, but it was just amazing to suddenly get positive feedback from someone that lives in a total different country.

Any plans for the future?
Well, we can give you a hint. We would like to get even more close to our consumer in an interactive way. Stay tuned! 😉

AnoukxVera x Hutspot is exclusively available in all Hutspot stores from the 21st of April.
Photography by Peggy Kuiper represented by Cake Film and Photography
Hair and make-up by Joyce Clerkx represented by Angelique Hoorn Management
Model: Joelle Pforr