21 May 2017 | Hutspot Music

Amber Arcades | Hutspot Music

Meet Annelotte, lead vocalist of the 90’s inspired guitar pop band Amber Arcades. We sat down with the Utrecht based singer to talk fashion, travel and musical influences. Give her Spotify playlist a listen and follow us here to never miss another song featured in Hutspot Music!

Amber Arcades

Hi Annelotte. What have you been listening to today?
I have been listening to Chris Cohen today. He is one of my favorite artists. I love his song ‘Open Theme’. I’ll also be working with him on my next album!

When did your interest in music start?
My parents actively encouraged me to pick up an instrument when I was younger. I played both the violin and the guitar, but it wasn’t until I moved to Philadelphia when I started to really get involved in music. I bought a mandolin, met the right people and we started a band together. My time in Philadelphia was very important, because I had the opportunity to re-invent myself and to learn a lot about music and performing. I eventually returned to the Netherlands and kept myself involved in different music projects. The whole process went very gradual. It never crossed my mind that it would be a career for me.

Could you describe your musical style in 3 words?
‘90s guitar pop. I put a lot of guitar sounds into my music and the ‘90s is where most of the bands that I listen to are from.

What does Amber Arcades mean?
I was quite a dreamy kid. When I was younger, my parents took me to a homeopathist who suggested that I started wearing an amber necklace. This would help me set my feet back on earth (my parents can be sort of hippie haha). Years later, a friend and I listed down many random words to come up with an interesting band name. Amber Arcades stood out immediately.

You lived in New York for a brief period. What is your favorite thing about this city?
The sense of adventure. I always feel like I am in a movie when I am in America. Especially in New York; there is always so much energy and anything can happen. It gives me this sense of fearlessness and I am willing to take more risks when I am there.

How is it compared to Utrecht? What city do you like better?
It’s a far cry, to be honest. Utrecht is really small and everything is within biking distance. New York is big and bustling. I prefer living in Utrecht, because it is an easy place to come home to. For me, New York is nice to visit for a month or so, but I find it way too hectic to live in. It is like 10 different bands playing at the same time and you want to see all to them (stress!). Utrecht is a nice place to calm down in and to get ready for the next adventure.

How would you describe your personal fashion style? Do you think it also represents your musical style?
I find it really hard to lean towards one specific style. Amber Arcades is eclectic and is influenced by many different eras. Sometimes I wear feminine, glittery pieces and sometimes it can be oversized sweaters with jeans. In the end, I look for comfortable clothes because I’m constantly performing and on the road.

Do you have a Hutspot favorite?
I have a pair of white sneakers by Selected Femme. I’ve worn them almost everyday for a whole year, many festivals included. So, I have to admit that they are not that white anymore!

Best musician of all time?
Bradford Cox is someone who has inspired me the most during my musical journey. I listened to his band Deerhunter a lot when I started getting into music. The stuff he makes is very eclectic, and this is also how I describe my approach to music. Through his music, I was introduced to many other bands and styles that now have influenced me. Look forward to a song or two on my playlist!

Photo credits: Nick Helderman