19 February 2016 | Food

A look in the kitchen with Esther

Feeling hungry? Why don’t you come over and try one of our delicious bites? There are so many different ones we are proud of, that’s why from now on we will post an item about one of the Hutspot employees and their favorite meals every month.

We are starting this series with our beloved Esther, lunchroom manager at the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam. She creates the menu’s and knows how to make all the dishes as one of the best. She’d love to tell you about her two favorite ones.




“My favourite dishes from Hutspot’s menu are the Halloumi salad and the Couscous salad with the merguez sausages. I am usually not into salads that much,  but these semi-warm plates are very delicious and real power meals. Which for me is good to have, with all that running around.

“We give flavour to the couscous with ras el hanout; Arab, spicy herbs. This flavour goes really well with the hummus and the sausages, and is the key to this dish in my opinion.”


You can enjoy these dishes at Hutspot van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht.