19 May 2016 | Food

A Look in the Kitchen with Zowi

Have you ever tried one of our delicious bites? In case you didn’t know, we have two lunchrooms in Amsterdam and one in Utrecht with specialties we are very proud of. You can come by for anything from homemade pie to a big, delicious meal. Each month we would like to introduce you to one of the Hutspot crew members. They will tell you all about their favorite food or drink.

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Meet Zowi! Besides being an ace in the lunchroom where he serves and makes all our specialties, Zowi is also an expert when it comes to information technologie. He studies IT and is fascinated by the quick pace of the business. Zowi enjoys working out, listening to music or being busy with food, which makes him happy to be a chef at Hutspot. Today he will tell you about his favorite sandwich: the Merguez.

“During lunchtime I make myself the Merguez; sausages in Libanese bread with lettuce, tomato salsa, yoghurt sauce and coriander. It’s a good meal which gets you through the day, and I can definitely recommend it as a hangover cure.”

“I love some spice in my food, so the strongly seasoned sausages do the job. The yoghurt sauce and tomato salsa also give it a sharp bite, but keeps it fresh too with some coriander. The Libanese bread tastes like a savory pancake, which makes it a unique type of sandwich. I always recommend the Merguez to clients who can’t make up their mind, and I have never seen them disappointed!”

The Merguez is available at Hutspot van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht. Missed out on the previous items? Make sure to take a look here.