10 March 2016 | Food

A look in the kitchen with Nina

Feeling hungry? Why don’t you come over and try one of our delicious bites? There are so many different ones we are proud of, we’d love to share them with you by introducing you to one of our Hutspot crew members every month. They will tell you all about their favorite food and drinks!

Meet Nina, she’s part of the Hutspot crew from the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam. She comes all the way from Switzerland and is here to do a course, but mostly to experience our beautiful city. Nina serves you our delicious dishes and drinks and makes them too! Today she’ll tell you what her favorite part of the menu is.

ninariccibitchi copy

“My favorite drink on the Hutspot menu is the coconut water with lime juice, banana, and pineapple! It’s very refreshing and feels like summer. It always reminds me of the movie La Dolce Vita for some reason.”

“We make this juice delicious by using coconut water from Fountain of Youth. It’s a 100% natural and makes for a perfect base of the drink. But the best part is that the drink is always freshly made whenever it’s ordered.”

“I would definitely recommend you the spelt bread with hummus to have with it. The warm bread in combination with the hummus is such a savory delight! It’s also served with celery, vegetable crisps and a small salad to tie together all the different flavors. It’s a dish I like making most for hungry clients, because it’s a full meal for sure.”

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You can enjoy these dishes at Hutspot van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht.
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