18 April 2016 | Food

A Look in the Kitchen with Dirk

Feeling hungry? Why don’t you come over and try one of our delicious meals? There are so many different ones we are proud of, so each month we would like to introduce you to the creative Hutspot crew members behind the food. They will tell you all about their favorite food and drinks!

Today we would like to introduce you to Dirk. He is one of our funniest, most lovable colleagues. Dirk is multi-talented too as he is a full-time communication student and works in Hutspot’s store and the lunchroom. Today he will fill you in on his favorite dish to eat; the Chili Sandwich



“One of my favorite activities working here at Hutspot is being able to taste a little here and there of all the different dishes. My favorite one is the Chili Sandwich with cheese, rocket salad, tomato and hazelnut. It is served with a generous portion of salami on a thick slice of white bread, so it really fills you up. It’s also the only sandwich I know that has hazelnuts in it.

There is no better way to give myself a mid-day break than with this sandwich and a LemonAid. The soft drink comes in two flavors; maracuja and of course lemon. It is made by a German company that makes soft drinks with Fair Trade ingredients and donates a big part of the profits to a good cause supporting kids in need. So besides it being a nice refresher, it is also good for your karma”


You can enjoy the Chili exclusively at the Hutspot Van Woustraat. LemonAid is available there too and at Hutspot Utrecht. Curious to see the previous post with Nina? Take a look here.