22 January 2017 | News

Exhibition “Project Side Project”


From the 26th of January till the 2nd of February we team up with heartvertising agency KOKORO Amsterdam. Together we make possible “Project Side Project” where we aim to inspire people to pursue their dreams. That’s why we want to invite you to the exhibition at our van Woustraat store.

People that work in the creative industry, but at the same time work on their own personal projects are the perfect example of people that are pursuing their dreams. Personal projects that people put their heart and soul into, working well into the night. There’s no client, no deadline and usually not a lot of people who know about these projects, which are all done in addition to your day-to-day work. This is a common phenomenon among many people working in the creative sector.

That’s why KOKORO Amsterdam and Hutspot are hosting “Project Side Project”, in which we bring 8 side projects out of the shadow.


The video’s below give a sneak peak on the 8 creatives and their projects


Frans Karthaus – Amsterdam Unlocked

‘In 2011 I found a U-shaped piece of metal on my doorstep. It turned out to be a sawn-off part of a chain lock. In the following weeks, I kept finding more and more similar pieces of metal, left behind as silent witnesses to a bicycle theft or removal by the municipality. Together they symbolize the unique story about a city that has more bicycles than people, a city that is struggling with its own growth.’


Bas van de Poel – Countdown To Singularity 

‘Experts predict that artificial intelligence will exceed human intellectual capacity and control by 2045. This event, known as the Singularity, will forever change the course of human history. Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and SpaceX) even calls the prospect of  super intelligent machines humanity’s greatest existential threat. To this end I invited a group of multidisciplinary artists to bring the most prominent doom scenarios to life.’


Marc Vermeeren – Chrome Country

‘Due to films like Paris, Texas and Badlands, the US has been a great inspiration to me since I was young. In 2011 I chose to make the journey without leaving. I wanted to explore and document the country at my own pace, focusing on states, cities and towns that I was unfamiliar with. I found that I didn’t even have to use my camera. I took every ‘photograph’ at home with my own computer via Google Street View. Meanwhile, I have explored every corner of the US, taking some 1,500 photos. The time has come to finish my trip.’


Ad van Dongen – Nosferatu in Vietnam

‘In 2014 -2015, I spent a sabbatical year in South East Asia. During that year I wanted to stay and work in one location for a while so I could really live the Asian life.Together with the Metropole Orchestra I once gave live concerts to accompany the screening of a film classic. I wanted to do the same thing in Vietnam. I chose the film Nosferatu from 1922 by director F. W. Murnau. It’s the story of Dracula, without sound, and therefore without music. The idea was to write new music for the film together with a group of Conservatoire students, and perform it around Christmas with the Conservatoire’s student orchestra.’


Güney Soykan – Face of a Nation

‘Face of a Nation creates portraits of different nations, based on their leaders of the last 50 years. When these portraits are displayed side by side, you can immediately see the difference in the political vision of these different cultures. Some portraits consist of ten to twenty faces, others of only three faces. This way you get subtle clues about political communication differences and shifting power in politics through the years.’


Richard Raaphorst – Profundis a movie in the making

‘In March of last year my creative partner Sarina Reilingh and I won the Imagine Pitch Contest with our film project The Profundis. Part of the prize was to go to the Frontières Co- Production Market in Montreal, in order to recruit international partners, sales agents and co-producers. The Profundis is a film in development. The story is about rebels who use a submarine to smuggle weapons in the near future, when civilization has been destroyed by global warming. Eventually, they will begin smuggling biological weapons for a radical Christian sect, and then the story really takes off…’


Ewoudt Boonstra – Innocent Targets

‘Today, there are an estimated 18,000 shooting ranges in operation in America. Many of these shooting ranges sell custom practice targets picturing criminals, terrorists, aliens and zombies. However, the painful and ironic truth is that the actual victims of gun violence aren’t these fictional “bad guys”, but our real-life friends, neighbours, co-workers and children. The posters are available for purchase at innocent-targets.com with proceeds going to The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence.’


Stefan ‘Phynta’ Da Costa Gomez – Classic Hollywoo3D Paintings

‘Some people believe that a creative concept is born by merging two existing concepts. This painting project serves as an example: it combines the classic craft of painting with digital 3D techniques. So far, I have created a series of eight portraits that cryptically reveal the demise of a number of icons from the Golden Age of Hollywood. I want to do 2 to 4 more paintings, and then I would really like to exhibit the complete series.’